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There are many courses for ARTS students after the 12th class. PMSSS scholarship also provides a wide opportunity for ARTS students.

Students are eligible for General degree courses and there are more than 150 colleges for general degree courses under PMSSS. It is advised to choose a subject according to your interest as interest is directly proportional to the growth.

The list of courses for Arts students under PMSSS are:

  • B.A - Bachelor of Arts
  • BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration
  • B.Sc. (Fashion Design)
  • B.Sc ( Interior Design)
  • B.Voc Travel and Tourism(TT)
  • BSW (Bachelor of Social Work)

There are many colleges under PMSSS that support the above-listed courses for ARTS students. You can check the other courses and colleges offered under jkaicte pmsss from here.

Do ask questions if you want to know about the colleges under PMSSS for ARTS students.


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