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As we all know that the growth of a state or UT is calculated by measuring the literacy rate of its citizens. The Jammu and Kashmir government realized this in the year 2011 and with the support of AICTE and PMSSS launched a Scholarship Scheme for the domicile students residing in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir.

 The Scheme was launched with a motive to provide technical education to the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. So, that students can have better careers. 

 This initiative helped a lot of students who do not have enough money to take admissions in prestigious colleges. Many passouts of previous batches successfully completed their professional and Non-professional Courses and now are well settled earning a good livelihood.

Many of them got foreign placements, some of them completed the studies and somehow managed to open their own business. For extra meritious students, the government gave an option that if somehow the students manage to crack the entrance exams like JEE/NEET. Then that student is entitled to get financial help from the PMSSS. Read the blog for how to get the scholarship for studying IIT

Hence, I personally thank the state government and AICTE for the help they provided to students to "SHIN BRIGHTER IN THEIR FUTURE ".


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