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Initially, the Scheme named Prime Minister's Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS) was started in 2011 and now it's 2021.

There are many changes made in the scheme from time to time for smooth functioning, eligibility guidelines are updated and also new colleges are also impaneled under AICTE every year. So, the students of Jammu and Kashmir can get the most out of the scheme.  Timely, workshops are being conducted for students to make them aware of the scheme and courses they can pursue through the scholarship and what are the benefits of studying through PMSSS scholarship.

Let me explain the changes made so far in a tabular manner.

1. Initially, the competition was no so high, students were allotted seats very easily.
   In fact, not all the seats were occupied by the students, I guess because of lack of awareness.
1. Looking at the merit list published by AICTE you can easily make out that the competition.
 Here is the detailed analysis:
In 2020:28,222 students registered for the scholarship, out of which 25,123
 applications were submitted and 21,882  were verified and there are only 5000 seats for the scholarship.
2. Initially, the scholarship amount for maintenance  was       released  in  two installments of 50 k each 2. Now the scholarship amount for maintenance is released in 9 installments: 20k in 1 st installment and 10k each month afterward.
3. When the scheme was launched for the first few years, the college was done offline.
That is you were called for counseling and a college was allotted to you manually by the authorities.
3. In 2018 the college allotment process was started online.
That is you have to fill your choices online and you will be allotted the college online.
You will get the college according to your choices.
4. Very few workshops were conducted to spread awareness. That too received very less participation from students.  4. A Lot of workshops are conducted from time to time to make students aware of career options Ahead.
5. No facilitation centers were there for filling in the Aicte PMSSS scholarship. 5.About 400 Facilitation centres are Introduced to help those students, who can not fill in AICTE PMSSS registration forms on their own.

So, don't miss the golden opportunity. Study hard try to get good marks and have a bright future. If you belong to Jammu and Kashmir or  Ladakh then you are eligible for the above-mentioned benefits.


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