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Hello ,

Since there is time left for the pmsss application forms. I will recommend you to change your pin code in your aadhaar  to avoid discrepancies. 

That will not take much time:-

 You can change the Pincode in the following ways.

   1. Visit this website to make changes to aadhaar card (only address) ==> Update Your Aadhaar - Unique Identification Authority of India | Government of India (uidai.gov.in)

   2 .  Visit your nearest CSC center for the aadhaar update with valid address proof

Hope this helped .

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But address on both are same.
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The variation of area's represented by your pincodes   is not much . For eg  :- Both the pincodes lie in khathua . But problems may arise when the document verification is done . So , change the details  make them same
On both the documents to avoid discrepancies in document verification round .
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Insure that right address with right pincode is mentioned on aadhaar  card . This will not create  issue at the time of document verification .
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When will it create issues??
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See , it all depends upon your document verification officer . When he we will physically attest your documents in document verification round then it may create issues . So , its your call, if you want to change you can, if you don't want then let it be but ultimately you have to face the consequences if any arise in future .
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At adhaar center, only 184101 pin code is available for whole kathua .
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Please help me

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