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As mock alottment has been declared on 2nd Oct at 12pm while it was scheduled on 1st Oct. How much time do we have to edit our choices? and most importantly, during the choice filling period, can we edit our choices continuously? like i put abc college on 1st but then i change my mind and i want to put another college over it.. or once we do it it gets locked automatically?
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Yes, Mock/dummy allotment list has been released. Now, you can change the position of colleges, wait for the original merit list of allotment , again choice filling will start for second round. .

In the duration of choice filling, you can change or delete your college, or whatever you want, since colleges will be locked only when the time period is over.

Hardly, there will be 2-3 days for each merit list, so there will be only 2-3 days for the choice filling for upcoming rounds.
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