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Duebto Some Personal Issue I Leave The College And My DBT Show Left The Institute.So, Can I Am Again Join The Same College After Admission Cancel, Can I Get Scholarship Again.
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You have to again apply for pmsss and fill the same college in the choice filling and go through the all procedures once again. Make sure you have not benefited by this scholarship before i.e last time else you might not be able to apply again.

If you get the same college again in the college allocation under pmsss then yes you can join the same college again.
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I'm Not Eligible To Again Apply For PMSSS Scholarship Scheme
 Because My 12th Pass Out In Session 2018.
So, Give Me Some Idea How To Join Same College And My Online Portal Again Activate. My Online Portal Show "Left The Institute" Due To Some Personal Problem I Leave The College.But Its My Big Mistake. I Leave The College,Can I Again Activate Portal Status.

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