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We get only 20k of our ist semester. Our whole 2nd semester is conducted in online mode at home. Although college was asked for hostel and mess fee.. they warned us if we not pay... Then they don't fill our examination form for final. We pay it all fee. Now our 2nd semester final os also finished and waiting for result. But in 3rd semester we again have to pay them fees but we cannot afford money this time. Plz guide us what we do ...?
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You may use the helpline no. of Aicte, so that officials may help you.

Call the PMSSS grievance cell, and tell your whole problem to them, and also you can put grievance from your portal, that your college is asking for fees, even you are not receiving it.

They will help you surely, if also this not work, I will guide you about the next step.
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