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There are many possible reasons due to which your name is not shown. some of them, I am mentioning here;

1. First tell me, did you receive your first sem payment? If not, you may not register at that college or your joining report has not been uploaded.

2. Your college may discontinue you at the AICTE Portal. This may also be a reason.

3. It can also be a technical issue on the AICTE portal that will be resolved soon.

So, explain briefly, what is your problem?
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Yes I received my my first sem payment. The college is trying to upload my documents of 2nd semester on pmsss portal. But my name is not appearing there.
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Dont worry this also happened with me but later my name appeared in the window, it may due to that they have not updated or a technical glitch .

It will soon show your name, tell your college to check after some time and let you know.
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Ok .. thanks a lot bro

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