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When did you fill the maintenance form ??
By Remaining 20,000,  you mean that have you received 30,000 before or what?

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Welcome to PMSSS.IN, as your question is related to the disbursal of amount  20,000 that is still pending according to you. I can not say surely but this is the case with many of the students as AICTE PFMS decided only to disburse the partial amount of money Because of the prevailing conditions of the COVID -19 pandemic.

You are requested to please elaborate your issue to us with screenshot's and if you are unable to upload the screenshot contact our WhatsApp support team in order to get rid of the issue you are facing.

Whatsapp helping to contact on:- please click here to get your  query resolved on WhatsApp

Before that please check if the following things are done correctly or not.

1. Check the format of the continuation/promotion certificate form and dates on your continuation/promotion are accordingly to the guidelines issued by Aicte.

2. Check whether all the things are updated on your student portal on time do not expect money if the scrutiny of the documents is not completed.

If you still have more queries please feel free to reach us .


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