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From last one year scholarships are continuously suspended.why please reply
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Following may be the possible reasons for the suspension of the scholarship amount:-

1. The college account details are not correct  (i.e) not according to the requirements of PFMS AICTE.

2. The uploading of the sanction order is still pending from the college end.

3. You may have a result issue and your college has updated your academic details as result awaiting.

4. The account number in which the scholarship is to be credited is not working.

5. You may be receiving more than one scholarship from PFMS using the same account number.

Please check for the following issues because these issues are very common. I also faced some of the issues mentioned above. You can raise a question again here if you still have doubts.

You can also mail us at pmsss.in@gmail with a screenshot of your pmsss jk aicte scholarship portal. So, that we can help you better.

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30 +30 k  suspended till now

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