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Is pmsss really worth it or it just spoils the life of the student?

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Just like everyone answers such questions by saying that it depends, not only this scholarship comes as a lucky charm to someone's life but also has the power to destroy.

One thing we need to understand in life is an investment, I am not saying only about financial investment but what I am trying to say is, we are always investing something in life at every point in time. Depending upon what and how much we invested, we get back the result.

This scholarship may claim that it can handle all your financial problems and you don't have to worry much about your fees, but also demands an important part of your life. Sometimes our investment is not always a burden, it's a motivation for us to work hard and keep going ahead.  

Those students who know that their family has invested their money in us and now it's their time to prove, keep them moving and motivated to study while those who believe that they are very lucky and start wasting their time regret later in future.

Some students who wanted to study something else start studying what they do not want in life and make themselves fall into the trap of the scholarship. Later they fail to build interest in the subjects and eventually blame the fault of their luck.

Every student has potential but instead of looking inside you and finding the potential students choose the scholarship and regret it.

It is really beneficial for those who are worthy of it and understand what scholarship has given to them and what their duty is. 

Many students of J&K have reached the sky with the help of this scholarship and many are still yet to reach it.

If you are reading this blog, I would like you to please write something about any experience may be about your college so that it can help our other students from our community.

Thank you. 

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