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We always dream to study in IIT, NIT, IIIT but the academic fees is too high for these institutes despite they have so much competition and are government-funded institutions.

Yes, you can get a scholarship for studying in IIT, NIT, IIIT , Medical colleges if you are able to qualify for entrance examination conducted by a Central / State Govt. (NEET/JEE).

To avail the scholarship you have to register under PMSSS check who can and how to apply for pmsss and submit your application, then you have to verify your documents from the facilitation center near you . Check the Facilitation cum Document Verification Centers for AY 20-21 under PMSSS

After successfully verifying documents, simultaneously you have to take the admission on your own in your respective college.

Students don't have to participate in the choice filling and should verify their admission by uploading the bonafide certificate from the college and should inform the college to transfer his admission under PMSSS, so that the college should get the academic fees directly in their account.

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Once alloted seat in Josaa or csab,you have to upload this(seat proof pdf)as a proof in the Entrance Examination corner on the login page(after logging in) on the top of that page to get scholarship for IIT/NIT

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