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Did you get a college in the previous year under PMSSS?

CSE in top colleges is tough through PMSSS but you can get a decent college and maybe IT branch as it has less competition as compared to CSE.

Colleges in North Zone have a tough competition for CSE and IT. You can look for the colleges in the SOUTH zone. You can checklist of top colleges under PMSSS according to zone, marks, stream, and state.

Do you have any category with you, it can also help you to get a college. 

Check the answer for a similar question from here

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Yes I got college in South zone.. But facing some language issue.
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Are you still studying under PMSSS? or you have canceled the admission.
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Still studying
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If it is a language barrier problem then you can talk with AICTE to change the college under same University but it is not so easy.

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