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I am deeply concerned about the discrepancy in my examination marks and rank. Despite scoring 414marks, my rank is 5746 in pmsss scholarship, while individuals with lower marks have higher ranks.I think acite has taken p.e as my additional subject instead of ip in which I scored 99 marks this is huge blunder by aicte because of this I was give a rank of a student whose marks are 394 whereas my actual marks are 414 please solve this matter asap

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I even contacted the board but they said they don't send total marks of a student they only send individual subject marks.

It was lazy work by AICTE for not checking that I have six subject

Now let's say even if it was board fault now it's acite's responsibility to edit my marks because it's on their sever now but instead they reply to the mail or rarely pick up the call and say this is what board send us with looking more into this matter and giving me my justified rank
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