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I want to edit the details of my DBT can anybody tell me how is it possible.

I want to change the bank details in my pmsss portal.
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You can change your bank detail from your PMSSS portal.

Open your portal and click on User Profile on the top right corner.

Update the bank details and click on Update to re-submit the details.

Thank you 

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Hi Nikhil,

According to me the DBT status cannot be edited as there is no option of edit is present there on portal, the other option is that you can call or mail PMSSS (aicte)directing authority about this , may be they will do something in favour of this problem.

For PMSSS-2020-21, ph: 011-29581043, 1008, 1051, 1518, Prof. Ajeet Angral (Consultant , AICTE, M. No. +91-9419144030) ,email: [email protected]

Hope it helps.
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