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I am a Student of BSIT, Roorkee & I got admission in 2018-19 batch n currently my 8th semestee is going on.My dbt for 5th sem is done now in this semester that is already late die to some reasons.All other students of my batch n same course got full mainainence fee for sem.5 which is completed in year 2020 but i got only 20k.which means i attended online classes though n rest attended physical though I resided in Hostel with my mates during Covid.Also my HOD is forcing me to pay my fee. Its becoming very difficult to manage expenses. What should i do now?
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Hi Harthik, most of the students who got a 20K scholarship because in the continuation cum promotion certificate they filled studying online classes from home which were uploaded by your college. The students who filled attending online classes from the college hostel have got a 50k scholarship.

There was also a notice by AICTE in which they asked you to fill an affidavit mentioning that you stayed in the college hostel from x date to y date, which was duly signed by you and your college registrar. Please ask your college about that affidavit and send that to AICTE so that they can reimburse your hostel fees.

Or you can ask the college to write an email to AICTE mentioning that you were staying in the college hostel during covid and have to pay the hostel fees to college so in order to pay the hostel fees please provide Harthik full 50k scholarship
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