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Please suggest some solution for this issue  ?
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Hey  Amaar, thanks for raising the question on the PMSSS discussion forum.

Coming to your problem, we would  suggest the following solutions:

1. Check that your continuation certificate and mark sheets are uploaded to the PMSSS portal timely with no delays.Do ensure that all details furnished on these documents should be correct.

2. Ask your college to crosscheck your details by logging in on the PMSSS portal.

3. Your college may not have Submitted the sanction order details correctly.If not done correctly ask them to correct all the details and then re-submit the sanction order.

4. You may ask your college to check the college account details, they provided for the disbursal of the academic fee. Sometimes, because of PFMS account detail mismatch, the scholarship process is delayed.

Feel free to raise a question if you still have any doubts.


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