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I will tell you the best colleges both for Engineering and General stream as you have not mentioned this in your question.

But before that i would like to inform that what 89% in 2020 is different and 89% for 2021 is different . The expectations of students passing with 89 before 2020 was very high and it would be because in that time 89 is not less but students passing in 2021 should not have same  expectations like them because every student is passed on internal assessment and most of the marks of students are more then 90% this time.

Good news for you that you still have good chances to get great colleges under PMSSS, i have shortlisted some college according to your percentage taking into consideration of  2021 scenerio.

Engineering colleges

Pes institute of technology management 

maharaj agrasen institute of technology 

Army institute of technology, Pune

mvj college of engineering 

k.j somiya college of engineering 

Noida institute of engineering and technology .

General degree colleges.  

St.alyouis college 

Swami vievekanand college govt.pg college 

Neemych Mp

Mata padma wati college of nursing

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