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Aicte is not verfying the colleges empanelled physically, Infact  they are just empanelling colleges based on online verification just for formality . What are your views on this ?
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No, AICTE JKPMSSS is not a trap at all. It's a golden opportunity for Jammu and Kashmir where students from Jammu and Kashmir get a chance to explore the competition outside.

No, Government provides you such a scholarship where you can study for free in top private/government colleges without paying a penny from your pocket. The weaker and financially unstable sections of the society get assistance to educate themselves through such scholarships and later these students shine bright in their respective fields.

This scholarship scheme JKPMSSS focuses on youth that is the future of every country and helps them to make themselves educated with financial assistance.

This info is wrong that AICTE impanels every college that applied for the AICTE approval. The details of the institute are thoroughly checked before giving AICTE approval to any institution/college .

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