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My dad is in paramilitary his annual gross income is bit above 8lacs even tho net income we get is 5,40,000 can i apply for pmsss?
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I think right now you are not left with any choices as you can not obtain the income certificate from tehsildar before 15 september that is the last date of application. If somehow , you manage to get all your documents ready you should apply for the scholarship .( Note: Agricultural income or business will also bi included in your family income certificate .So , I think it will exceed  800000 lakh figure with a great difference ) .
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The only requirement is family income is less than 8lpa if the income in the income certificate is less than 8lpa. I don't know whether gross income or net income is shown in the income certificate but if you are able to make an income certificate as your net income then you can apply for the prime minister special scholarship scheme.
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